Trained as an architect, I employ the processes that go into making a building – forming mass, sculpting space, manipulating light – to create art. My work deals with the intersection of architecture, painting, and sculpture. The areas of overlap between these disciplines become ripe for exploration. What traits do they share? How can one inform the other? And how can the boundary between them be blurred?

Additionally, I am interested in the analogy of the city as a living organism. Much like living things, cities grow, contract, evolve, and change. The sculptures that I create hang on the wall like paintings but include volumes that burst out of the two-dimensional plane, suggesting organic or crystalline growth, mirroring the growth of the city.

During the summer of 2021, I have been selected to create two art installations in the Midwest. The first, entitled Inhabit, will be at the Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It is a site-specific piece that will help announce the arrival of the UICA in their new building in July of 2021 and will remain on display through 2023. The second, entitled Downstream, will be installed on the Riverwalk in Dubuque, Iowa. This piece will be a scale model of the Mississippi River watershed, with the conceptual goal of reminding us that the actions of a few can yield greater consequences downstream.

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